Horrifying photo shows great white shark with massive bite mark on its side

Jalil Najafov, 40, was out scuba diving when he snapped a terrifying picture of a nearly five metre great white shark with a giant bite mark on its side

A giant great white shark has been photographed with a massive bite mark on its side sparking debate as to what tried to bite the beast.

Jalil Najafov, 40, was diving in Isla Guadalupe, Mexico when he spotted the nearly five metre shark.

He was left shocked by the massive bite mark in its side, and wandering what could have left such a scar.

Despite being a shark conservationist and filmmaker, Jalil had never seen anything like it before.

He uploaded a photo of the 4.5m shark to his Instagram account where it’s left people shocked and scratching their heads, wondering what left the mark.

Jalil said: “I was really surprised as I have never seen anything like this in my life.

“This bite mark was so huge on a big shark, and I was like, is that real?

“I have worked with sharks for many years and have never seen such a big scar before!”

His post sparked a debate online with many wondering what could have left such a mark.

Jalil reached out to a number of shark experts but they ruled out that it could have been a wound from mating.

Dr Michael Domeier told him it could have been an attack from another shark, which raises questions to the size of the second beast.

Great white sharks are known for fighting with one another and even going as far to eat each other.

The Cannibal Sharks documentary, done by Professor Mark Meekan for National Geographic in 2019 revealed that all sharks are cannibals.

He said: “It’s not just one rogue shark attacking other sharks or even one species of shark attacking other sharks, it’s lots of different sharks turning on each other.”

Images from the documentary look similar to Jalil’s shocking viral snap.

One gruesome photo from the documentary showed a 12-foot great white almost torn in two by two massive bites.

Talking about the bite, Professor Meekan said: “This is an enormous shark. It’s 12-feet long but look at the size of that bite, it’s absolutely massive.”