Icing out’ and other big dating trends Match expert predicts for 2022

Match dating expert Hayley Quinn revealed three trends that she believes will dominate the dating scene in 2022, but the one that you’ll want to beware of is “Icing out”

When bars and restaurants closed, singletons were forced to date through screens, and Facetiming and Zoom calls became the go-to alternative.

But now that we’re moving into the second year of the pandemic, we’ve had a chance to adapt to a new form of dating.

Now, we’ve got insider information on what to expect from the dating scene next year to give everyone the best chance at finding love.

Match ‘s dating expert Hayley Quinn has shared three dating trends to watch out for in 2022 – and you definitely won’t want to be ‘iced-out’.

According to Hayley, the new year will bring us…

As people become more cautious about dating habits whilst social distancing is encouraged, it may once again become commonplace to have your first date over zoom, instead of in-person.

Research from Match also found that 18 per cent of people have carried on with virtual dates, even when they could have met in person.

Meeting virtually, using apps such as Zoom, is a great way to check out how you feel about someone before meeting in real life.

“Ice Out”
In 2022, Match predicts that more people than ever will be using Covid as an excuse for ghosting you.

What happens if you’re in the early stages of a relationship, but you’re not really feeling like dating someone?

Many people may blame the resurgence of Covid as an easy reason to slowly disappear from your life.

Think of it as gradual ghosting – after being given excuse after excuse, your date finally loses contact and disappears for good without much explanation.

“My advice is that if someone can’t make time to at least have regular Zoom dates with you, read the writing on the wall, and ice out yourself!” Hayley says.

Communication through all the small challenges which life throws at us is essential to maintaining a committed relationship with your partner.

“Coupling Season”
After a winter of dodging seasonal bugs, and having your dates being a washout with them, expect a lot of enthusiasm for dating once the warmer months return.

In previous years we’ve seen fewer Covid restrictions in the summer, so it’s a perfect time to flirt at a bar, meet someone at a party or even take a romantic trip with the person you’re dating to the great outdoors.

Our usual dating trends of being single in the summer, and coupling up in the winter, could be flipped on their head as people embrace the opportunity to have a long-term relationship again – no matter the season!